Patch notes - Beta 3

It's time for another update! This one fixes a lot of annoying and exploit-y errors, along with some new additions. Probably the most important fixes of this patch has to be the players health resetting to max when loading a game and the game freezing when creating a new character. Without further ado, here's the list of fixes, changes and additions.


  • Lockpicking minigame. 
  • Trading haggle limit between 50 and 200%. Was previously unlimited.
  • More dialog boxes.
  • Player changing looks to default testing character when loading a saved game.
  • Player health resetting to max HP when loading a saved game.
  • Error messages when killing chickens.
  • Hearing Raezin's hammer hit the anvil even if he's dead.
  • Error messages when leaving Greenvale at certain hours.


  • Warning when pressing "New Game" if an autosave already exists. Starting a new game will overwrite the previous save once character creation is complete.
  • Some merchants now sell bows.
  • Two buttons on  the Trader and Inventory screens to scroll to the top/bottom of the list.
  • Changing categories in Trader and Inventory screen now navigates to the top of the list.
  • Beta warning button on the main menu (info about beta etc)
  • New button graphics for item categories.
  • The Dockmaster at the South Outpost can now take you to the city of Querden on Ceth and back again, for a fee.
  • Ammo counter below currently equipped weapon sprite on main HUD. Only displays if your current weapon uses ammo, like arrows.
  • Information to Help screen and new topics
    • NEW Magic
    • NEW Exploration


  • Slight modification of Character Creator interface.
  • Help screen layout. Thinner buttons and a button frame.

Wiki changes

  • Improved categorization for regions and locations within regions
  • Added Creatures page. This is to contain info about animals, fish, bugs and birds.
  • Added new links to sidebar (Discord, Twitter, Known Issues and Report Error)


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Jun 06, 2017

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