Patch notes - v 0.1.8

This update has been a long time coming, and finally it's here. A big part of the delay has been the super boring task of updating the Upsya NPC's to use the new dialog system with animated portraits and facial expressions, as well as adding a new dungeon and fixing a variety of bugs. A bunch of new art assets are also in, as I've been working hard on making more unique wall and ground tiles to change things up a bit and give a feeling of actually moving from place to place.

This update also focuses a lot on improving the sailing mechanics, and it's now possible to hire certain NPC's as crew members to do various tasks for you. Their jobs can be managed while you're out on sea. For example if you have a crew member set to steer the ship, this allows you to fast travel to ports you have already visited. 

Another feature I'm proud of implementing is the Achievement system, which awards you with some XP when you complete a wide variety of tasks around the world, such as cooking a meal or discovering locations of importance. 


  • Names to the ports on the sailing map.
  • Several new foods (mostly very tasty sweets)
  • All interiors to houses in Fiks, Clearwater and Riverwatch.
  • (Beta only) Ability to teleport to West Outpost if your character is stuck. Access it from the help menu. 
  • New dungeon in Cafror.
  • Lodestones, a way to instantly teleport to preset locations around the world.
    • It may or may not have something to do with the new dungeon mentioned above.
  • Item icons for various items.
  • New map screen with scrolling, zooming and custom markers. The old system instead used a grid, which wasn't all that "future proof" for other regions. Bad planning costs extra time, lesson learned. Current location marker is in the works, coming in the next version.
  • New cooking, alchemy and smithing recipes.
  • Randomized messages when trying to buy something without having enough gold.
  • The Ship Brothers, a small company in Clearwater that will repair and upgrade your ship. 
  • It's now possible to hire crew members to your ship.
  • Cargo hauling, letting you purchase goods at one location and sell it at another using your ship to earn large sums of gold. Prices for goods vary from place to place.
  • New environmental sound effects and ambient noise.
  • More animal life to areas outside cities.
  • First iteration of Achievement system
    • You can now unlock various achievements by doing tasks such as exploring, completing quests and various other activities. Rewards a small amount of experience.
  • First iteration of a new skill system, currently only affecting crafting  and gathering skills. Pick flowers, craft gear and cook food to increase your skill levels up to a cap of 10.
  • Confirmation message when trying to dock your ship at a location.
  • Press X to shout for NPCs that are walking, in case you can't catch up with them. Works for all human NPCs that are not hostile towards you.
  • Better information panels in Inventory and Shop screens. Clicking equipment still shows the stat increases, but clicking alchemy ingredients now lists the effects from consuming that ingredient.
  • Sedresh region borders and layout somewhat complete. You shouldn't get stuck when travelign between maps at least! Not much to see here yet, but you can go there if you wish. It's the region in the north west.
  • New re-bindable input button called "Modifier 1" which can be held down to change what clicking interface buttons does. For example holding it while clicking an item while trading will let you buy more than 1 item at a time.
  • Random encounters with various NPCs.
  • Trello board link to main menu.


  • Connections between maps should now be 98.7% stuck free. Beware, if you have saved your game near the edge of a map there is a slight chance your character is stuck inside the terrain. Sorry about that.
  • Mollje, the small city on the island of Ceth.
  • Wrong positioning when climbing down the trapdoor in bandit house north of West Outpost.
  • Blink spell would not work when facing down.
  • Blink spell bugging out when using it near a zone that positions you in another map.
  • Various pixel errors in sprites. Human sprites are still kinda broken at times.
  • Some occasions where mail would not be sent to the player after completing certain tasks.
  • Performance upgrades from updating engine.
  • Various performance upgrades when using interfaces. In some cases up to 15 extra frames can be achieved.
  • Missing ground tiles behind walls, hindering the proper ground sounds from being played when walking there.
  • Zooming in when loading a saved game.
  • Some tiles where the top half would be completely black.
  • Error messages when entering the Load Game screen.
  • Ambient Volume buttons not properly changing the volume of some sounds.
  • Dialog box stat checks now have a red or green tint if your skill is lower/higher than the requirement. Also rearranged so your current skill is above and the requirement is below a brand new dash to seperate them.
  • Arena should now be working properly when talking to Skref instead of walking towards the entrance of the arena which made little sense.
  • Region description during character creator was editable.
  • Entering the barber shop while wearing a helmet now removes it while changing hair and puts it back on when the session is over.
  • Barber shop RGB editors Red component was getting the wrong value.
  • All places where you can rent a bed now function properly. Plus there's more of them!
  • Completely broken quest log that now displays the correct quest name and description when clicking the buttons.
  • Varoius tyops.
  • Time of Day lighting transitions when traveling between regions.
  • Almost all items now have proper icons.


  • Zooming is decreased from 400% to 300% to give a better overview of your surroundings.
  • Quality of Life improvements to interfaces. 
    • Categories can be changed using A or D (like in the inventory, spellbook or when trading)
    • To select an item in your inventory, spellbook or when trading it must be clicked, instead of just hovered. 
    • Double click an item in your Inventory to equip/use or to sell it when trading.
  • Minor retexturing of some items and tile sets.
  • Almost all characters in Uspya region now use the new dialog system. This was a massive undertaking, and I can't explain how happy I am to be done with it. So much copy paste of dialog and choices.. 
  • All overworld maps for Cafror region are design complete. Still needs to have quests and more NPCs added which should be complete by the next version.
  • You can no longer save while in combat. Fat layers of cheesing the AI removed.
  • New ship sprites for sailing and while docked.
  • Updated some old maps to use newer tiles and improved their lighting.
  • Merged Inventory and Shop interface into one single interface.
  • Loading screen map updated.


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Mar 17, 2018

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