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I like the way your game looks, and I love the idea of adding as much interaction as possible.

Are you also making your game in the 001 game creator engine?

Yep, it's being made with 001 :)


O jogo está super incrível MT bom trabalho.


Muito obrigado!

I played this game almost a year ago last time I played it had a different name and was on 0.2.1 i'm gonna buy the game bc i'm intrigued about what updates have come since then and enjoyed it then :)

Thanks for checking it out again, I hope you have an enjoyable time now as well :)

why dont you make it to steam? 100 bucks for distribution is pretty budget i think


I'm actually working on a Steam page, but it's not ready just yet. I want the game to be more complete before doing that. All purchases on itch will also give you a Steam key once the page is live.

damn, new game to pick up with a 3 year old commentiquette comment. nice.

Awesome game, hope on people like you developing this.

a question, it is offline?

Yep, the game is 100% single player. Thank you for your comment :)

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👌 Loving those screenshots!

Thank you very much :)