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Wanderboots is a open world RPG set in a somewhat realistic medieval world, with a focus on exploration, player choice and interactivity. This is a one man project, currently in its third year of development.

Want to catch the latest news? Either check out the dev blog section at the bottom of the page or add this game to your collection to receive the latest updates. There's also a Discord server for discussing the game where updates are posted more frequently and you have a chance to affect the development. 

Wanderboots is an open world RPG set in a low fantasy world where you are not the hero or destined to save the world. Instead the focus is on interacting with the world and being treated like the average person you are.

  • Large open world with varied locations. Forest, deserts, swamps and frozen wastelands and more.
  • 21 different skills to master including cartography, sailing, weapon proficiency and artisan. 
  • Highly interactive world.
  • Ship sailing and cargo hauling.
  • Over 300 unique NPCs to interact with or kill.
  • Full day/night cycle with weather patterns.
  • Crafting systems; smithing, cooking and alchemy with unique gameplay for each.
  • Dungeons to explore for great loot.
  • Varied quests with different outcomes based on choices and actions.
  • Several factions to join and fight against.
  • Party members to join you on your adventures.
  • Hardcore mode that adds survival aspects like eating and sleeping.

Keep up with the latest tweets and updates of what I'm working on.

If you help support Wanderboots' development you will be added to the Supporter Group which gives you benefits such as feature requests and direct chat with me and other supporters about the future of the game.


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Version 14
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I like the way your game looks, and I love the idea of adding as much interaction as possible.

Are you also making your game in the 001 game creator engine?

Yep, it's being made with 001 :)


O jogo está super incrível MT bom trabalho.


Muito obrigado!

I played this game almost a year ago last time I played it had a different name and was on 0.2.1 i'm gonna buy the game bc i'm intrigued about what updates have come since then and enjoyed it then :)

Thanks for checking it out again, I hope you have an enjoyable time now as well :)

why dont you make it to steam? 100 bucks for distribution is pretty budget i think


I'm actually working on a Steam page, but it's not ready just yet. I want the game to be more complete before doing that. All purchases on itch will also give you a Steam key once the page is live.

damn, new game to pick up with a 3 year old commentiquette comment. nice.

Awesome game, hope on people like you developing this.

a question, it is offline?

Yep, the game is 100% single player. Thank you for your comment :)

(1 edit)

👌 Loving those screenshots!

Thank you very much :)