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Tales of Astya is a open world RPG set in a somewhat realistic medieval world, with a focus on exploration, player choice and interactivity. Scheduled for release sometime in 2017.

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Interactive Open World RPG

Tales of Astya features a large, open world filled with quests, characters, lore and varied locations. A full day and night cycle with weather patterns and behavioral AI for animals and NPC's fills Uspya with life. Your choices are reflected in NPC dialogue and what quests/activities you can partake in.

Branching Quests

Quests can branch off into different outcomes based on your actions, such as killing the wrong guy or saying the wrong thing to the wrong NPC.


Tales of Astya features several types of crafting, including cooking, alchemy, smithing, alchohol brewing and leatherworking. Reagents must be mined, cut, harvested and hunted in order to craft a large variety of weapons, potions, food and armor, along with various other objects to sell for profit.

Large cast of characters

Currently featuring over 100 different NPC's with unique dialogue, quests and stories to tell. There are many factions, several of which can be joined by the player.

Unique Character Generator

Tales of Astya features a unique character generator where you can select your home region, your background; including father profession, mother profession, education and your aspirations. There is also a statistics screen and basic visual settings such as hair and skin color. You can either use a custom name or have the game pick a random one for you.


Although Tales of Astya is scheduled to release sometime in 2017, that is just the first of seven regions in total that are planned for post-release. Technically this makes Tales a Early Access game of sorts, and the extra region packs are to be included for free in future updates once they are completed.


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