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Tales of Astya is a open world RPG set in a somewhat realistic medieval world, with a focus on exploration, player choice and interactivity. 

Want to catch the latest news? Check out my website, the dev blog section at the bottom of the page or add this game to your collection to receive the latest updates. There's also a Discord server for discussing the game where updates are posted more frequently and you have a chance to affect the development. 


Tales of Astya is an open world RPG set in a low fantasy world where you are not the hero or destined to save the world. Instead the focus is on interacting with the world and being treated like the average person you are.

Key features

  • Large open world with varied locations
  • 21 different skills to master
  • Highly interactive world
  • Ship sailing and cargo hauling
  • Over 150 unique NPCs to interact with
  • Full day/night cycle with weather patterns
  • Crafting systems
  • Dungeons to explore
  • Varied quests with different outcomes based on choices and actions
  • Custom house designer
  • Several factions to join and fight against


Although Tales of Astya is scheduled to release sometime in 2017, that is just the first of seven regions in total that are planned for post-release. Technically this makes Tales a Early Access game of sorts, and the extra region packs are to be included for free in future updates once they are completed. Development is kind of slow, as I'm only one person working on the project (though usually for several hours a day)

Contact & Important links

Keep up with the latest tweets and updates about everything Partysofa.

Same as Twitter, just on Facebook if you don't have Twitter.

If you help support Tales' development you will be added to the Supporter Group which gives you benefits such as feature requests and direct chat with me and other supporters about the future of Tales of Astya. This server is open to anyone, even if you downloaded for free.

Bug Tracker
Check this to see if your bug report has been received and is being worked on.

Wiki (Work In Progress)
Tales of Astya wiki, containing information about lore, characters, the game and everything else.


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