Patch notes - Beta 2

Thanks to everyone who have downloaded and played Tales of Astya! You people rock! A new version of Tales is out right now, and with it comes a big list of bug fixes. 


  • Error messages showing up when loading a game.
  • Error message occurring at midnight in-game.
  • Players would sometimes be unable to move when starting a new game.
  • Game becoming unresponsive after opening and closing Help in the pause menu.
  • Shop prices and player gold now round up to nearest whole instead of showing decimals. This applies when buying/selling items too.
  • Fixed map boundaries that would sometimes spawn players inside walls/environment when changing maps.
  • Bank account window now works properly, allowing you to deposit/withdraw money.
  • Hair styles can now be chosen. 


  • New messages and triggers to Tutorial Mode
    • When starting a quest
    • Picking up items
    • Entering a shop
    • Entering dialog
  • More characters are now using the new dialog system, although many still remain. This is a big overhaul and will be worked on continually.

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