Patch notes - Beta 4

It's time for another patch, wooh! From this patch and forward, the primary focus will be on adding and finishing content, while of course fixing the most critical bugs. This patch took a bit of time to release since I took a small break from gamedev, after working tirelessly for weeks until the release. Now I'm all refreshed and ready to continue putting out updates more frequently. 


  • Crafting interfaces. Was previously very bug prone if you learned the wrong recipes in the wrong order. 
  • Rain effects. Rain would not start before, now it will. 
  • Holding Points for weapons and shield. Was previously misaligned, wrong rotation and generally just a mess.
  • Placed several new gathering objects throughout the overworld. 


  • Poison can now be applied to weapons! Different poisons do different types of damage. Poisons can either be crafted or purchased at the Alchemist Guild.
  • More potions and poisons to craft.
  • 15 new cooking recipes.

Wiki changes

  • Added recipe pages for food, brewing and alchemy.
  • Added pages for information about how combat works.

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