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Ever since the scope of the game increased to having several regions instead of just the Uspya region, I've wanted to have a museum in the game that allows the player to learn some more lore about the world. That was why I started planning the museum in the city of Fiks when that city was made. Sadly nothing has been done with it, until now. I'm happy to announce that the museum system is in place, and this post will explain how it works.


The new thing with the museum is the uncovering and finding of artifacts. These special items can be found in some dungeons, homes and around the world. When one is found, it must be brought back to the museum to be put on display in the display cabinets. Items that can be brought here all have the same generic description "The museum in Fiks might be interested in this." Once you bring them back there, they will be put in one of the display cabinets for you to view. The unique thing about these displays is that the object is displayed with 3D graphics instead of just a 2D sprite, allowing you to inspect it closer. The GIF below shows an early prototype of how it looks.

If you have yet to find the artifact, you will instead be greeted with this screen (how it will look in the released version)

As you can also see, the objects are freely rotateable, and you can also zoom in and out to get a closer look. The models aren't super detailed, but I still find it pretty neat nevertheless.

New layout

To start things off, there's now two floors to the building instead of just one. The first floor (above) has changed a little bit, with a new NPC named Artho, which works as a guide at the museum. You can ask him some things about the side activity and get hints on what to do next.

To deliver newly found artifacts, you must go to the lower floor and talk with the man in the lower left corner, Breiz. He'll take the item, inspect it and pay you for finding it and then put it on display for you and others to see. 

Not all the artifacts will be included with the release of 0.2.0, as it'll take some time to come up with, model, write about and place all the items in the world. With the release of 0.2.0 there'll be 4 items available, with more coming in later patches. Clues on where to find them can be gathered from reading books, talking with museum staff and maybe even listening to rumors. 

I hope you find this feature interesting! Happy treasure hunting!

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