Container & Looting rework

Coming in 0.2.0 is a reworked version of the current container and looting system. How it currently works is that a container can only hold one type of item and some gold. No more! In the next version when interacting with a container you'll instead see this screen:

Using this new system, containers can in theory hold one of each of the items in the game, along with gold as before. This should make exploration even more worthwhile. The containers also have full persistence, so if you take only 4 of the bottles of water from the example above, there'll still be one left for you to pick up at a later time. It's all very simple, simply click on an item to select it and then press the Loot button on the right to pick it up. You can also double click an item to take it. Clicking the Take All button is obvious.

Not only do containers get to use this system, I've also applied it to enemies as well. Instead of enemies dropping all their items on the ground, forcing you to pick up all of them, they instead drop a small bag which opens the same interface as above with all their items in it. 

They do not currently have full persistence and will despawn if you load a saved game. I'm working on having that fixed.

That's all for this post, I hope you find this update useful!

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