New screenshots and next version

Not a major update, but I've changed and uploaded some new screenshots of how the game looks. I appreciate all your support and hope you like these new ones :)

I've even included a small sneak peak of some of the things fixed and added for the next patch. Release date still unknown, as I'm focusing on getting the game more stable and getting the three regions to a more finished and polished state. Not a massive list just yet, as a lot of effort has been put into mapping, with more events and other scripting being planned as this is typed out. Make sure to stop by the Tales of Astya Discord channel to join the discussion and see/discuss the upcoming features to the game. Or you could follow me on Twitter if you're on there.


  • Names to the ports on the sailing map.
  • Several new foods (mostly very tasty sweets)
  • All interiors to houses in Fiks
    • Bakery
    • Bank
    • Shops
    • Homes
    • Tavern
  • (Beta only) Ability to teleport to West Outpost if your character is stuck. Access it from the pause menu. 


  • Connections between maps should now be 100% stuck free. Beware, if you have saved your game near the edge of a map there is a slight chance your character is stuck inside the terrain. Sorry about that.
  • Mollje, the small city on the island of Ceth.
    • Finished mapping, interior of houses and NPC's
  • Wrong positioning when climbing down the trapdoor in bandit house north of West Outpost.

Until next time, have a good one and take it easy!

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