Patch 0.3.3

Known Issues

  • The buttons to sort the item list have been temporarily disabled due to them crashing the game under certain circumstances. Functionality will be restored once I figure out how to fix it.
  • There can be some tiles in the Uspya region that are half black and/or broken.
  • Some sprites may be misaligned.



  • Uniforms to all soldiers of Uspya to make them more recognizable.
  • Added a pizza shop to Querden. They're low in calories, I promise.
  • Lots of new messages and advertisements to Notice Boards since they now work as intended.
  • Second floor to Blackrock Keep where you can talk with the Bounty Manager for Sedresh.
  • Added and updated faction descriptions.


  • Bounty Hunter quests to Cafror region. Talk to the Bounty Manager in the Fiks Courthouse to get started.
  • Several books in Lewis' book hunt can now be found and returned to him.
  • A new quest on Wudryia.
  • A new quest at the Kugrom Port.


  • Traveling with a hired ship is now in real time instead of the basic interface shown before.


  • New purchaseable home in Kugrom.
  • Notification once a day if the player has unspent stat points.
  • Descriptions to thenumbers and icons in Stats and Equipment screens when they are selected/hovered with the mouse.
  • New cursor sprite.



  • Various enhancements to caves in Cafror and Sedresh.
  • Improved graphics on several ports.
  • Brand new building tiles on Ceth.
  • Finally got around to making a proper icon for the Endurance statistic.
  • Brand new icons for main factions.


  • Some roof tiles for greater variety.
  • Various new bridge tiles.


  • Adjusted attack/use speed of the Pickaxe, Sickle, Scythe, Woodcutting Axe and Shovel.
  • Removed Light Source as an equipment slot. Lanterns can no longer be equipped either and is being phased out of the game. If you have one in your inventory, sell or drop it. Or you can put it in your storage chest as memorabilia from the alpha.
  • The book "Baking for Everyone" had the same text as "Fundamentals of Alchemy". It now has its own text and teaches you three new cooking recipes.


  • Moved around some elements in several interfaces.


  • Increased Health and Defense stat on several NPCs to make it harder to accidentally kill them.
  • Updated some stat descriptions.



  • Sedresh region maps would not be un-loaded when the player left the region.
  • Ceth sandstorms sometimes starting right after the player creates a new character.
  • Error when walking out the main gates of Querden.
  • Broken dialog choices for some NPCs.
  • Notice boards outside of Uspya now function as intended.
  • Some collision box alignments.
  • Wrong positioning when exiting the upper floor in Eraner's house.


  • Beard not being applied when loading a saved game.
  • Some ingredients that had the wrong pickup sprite.


  • Pressing Escape while reading a message box would break it until the game was restarted.
  • Action Log would render below other interfaces.
  • Item pickup log would not display the first item picked up after starting or loading a game.
  • Party member portrait border being visible even when you're alone. Clicking it would produce a bunch of errors.
  • Improved performance in Stats and Equipment screens.
  • It should no longer be possible to assign stat points after reaching zero points, leading to negative amounts of points.
  • Replaced legacy button clicking sounds from Stats Character Screen.
  • Crime list is now properly aligned in the Reputation interface.
  • Factions in the Reputation interface should now spawn properly.
  • Visual errors related to Alchemy.
  • Time will now display if you have a watch in your inventory. This can be toggled off in the Options if you don't want this info.
  • Items could be added to the selling shopping cart even if the player had 0 or already added all the items to the list.


  • Home Teleport will now prompt you with a list of all your currently owned homes, including your starting home. Select any option to teleport there.


  • Crash after finishing the poem with Bragi.


  • Current quest counter could get broken if the player completes a quest before it is started.
  • Errors if the quest reward was a weapon or a piece of armor (quest would still be completed)
  • Description of Lewis' book hunt quest now has clues in it by default instead of having to ask about it.


  • Combat music not stopping when an enemy was removed through scripting.
  • Several maps where music and ambient sounds would not change when entering buildings (Most noticeable when loading a save)


  • Errors when trying to find the new Time of Day color in the color table.
  • Loading a character that is bald would break the loading script, preventing that character from being played. These characters should now be usable again.
  • Mailbox outside of Riverwatch home.
  • Initial loading should be a tiny bit faster.
  • Bragi would stop talking to himself after talking to the player.
  • Faction Rank XP should now be rewarded properly.
  • Guards would talk to the player if he is above them.
  • Autosave would save during character creation.
  • Evn moer typos.


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