Patch 0.3.4

Known Issues

  • The buttons to sort the item list have been temporarily disabled due to them crashing the game under certain circumstances. Functionality will be restored once I figure out how to fix it.
  • There can be some tiles in the Uspya region that are half black and/or broken.
  • Some sprites may be misaligned.



  • Cows! They can be milked if you have a bucket in your inventory.
  • House for purchase in Blackrock.
  • Dockmaster to Wrecolt Port.
  • A bunch of new map icons to make it easier to know what a location actually is.
  • New Time of Day lighting to Usmor region.
  • New Time of Day lighting to the island of Ceth.
  • New tavern in Usmor, The Frozen Magpie.


  • There's a new quest in Clearwater! Find and talk to Bakul to get started.


  • Haggling XP can now be earned through trading. The total value of a trade affects how much XP you get.
  • Sailing XP can now be earned by sailing your ship.
  • Skill XP gained is now shown on screen with an icon and the amount.
  • Loading screens now provide some information about the region you're about to enter.

Gameplay Stats

  • Times Milked Cows
  • Chickens Killed


  • Eight new options in Character Creator about your background (two per category)
  • Anvil as a furniture piece to put in your home. Fireproof floor not included.
  • Window lights will now update in real time to the outside light color.
  • New device to the inventor in Uspya.



  • New look for the Uspya jail.
  • Some changes in the Uspya Outposts.
  • Temporary graphics fix when holding bows.
  • Made the current location marker a little bit bigger to not overlap map icons.
  • New death animation for chickens.
  • Updated some spell icons.
  • Made it a little bit easier to solve the puzzle in Stedows Manor by adding graphical cues on what to do.
  • Disabled shadows. They were starting to have a performance impact and in many cases not looking that good or not casting proper shadows.


  • Belgen in The West Outpost can now train some of your combat related skills if you are a member of the Outposts.
  • Made guards less aggressive when your bounty is 200 gold or less.
  • Boosted the HP and stats of several more NPCs.
  • Made it possible to sail the sea south of Ceth.


  • Changed or updated some item icons.
  • Alesia in Stonehaven now sells all region maps independent of your level.


  • Added back the rotation buttons in Character Creator to view your character from 4 angles.
  • Added back portrait view to Character Creator.
  • Name of current hair style is now shown in Character Creator.
  • Undiscovered capitals are now marked on your map by default.
  • Changed Actor talking font (the text above their heads) and added a faint shadow drop.


  • Adjusted camera smoothing.



  • Errors if trying to remove faction XP from a faction not yet discovered.
  • Placing furniture in a player house would replace the furniture in other player houses that were loaded, with the new furniture.
  • The dockmaster in Blackrock didn't have the dialog linked to allow ship travel.
  • Loading killed NPCs should 99% of the time no longer trigger a bounty increase if a guard sees you when the loading is finished.


  • It was possible to walk on top of Commander Zarav's table.
  • Placed furniture should now spawn properly in all player homes.
  • Estate Agents should no longer show up after loading a saved game even though the house is purchased.
  • Tutorial message not showing in all homes when entering for the first time.
  • Error message when entering a home after placing furniture.
  • Entering the forest in the north east of Cafror would set your position on the world map to the wrong location and say the location name was "0".
  • Light coming from windows when inside should now always update when switching maps.
  • Some overworld maps that did not have their time of day lighting applied as expected. For some reason this was always the bottom left map such as the city of Blackrock.
  • Wandering or drunk NPCs should no longer randomly open doors while walking around.


  • One type of Galea helmet had the wrong top piece while walking.
  • Added several missing portrait sprites for clothes and hair.
  • Missing pixels in the generic boots sprite.
  • Misaligned hair on Estate Agents.
  • Placed furniture would be transparent and have no color applied (unless it was part of the original sprite).
  • Removing furniture would not actually remove it from the house. The furniture is now given back to you as well if you want to move it somewhere else.
  • The proper action icon should now be shown when trying to use furniture.


  • Hair Selection buttons in character creator.
  • Beards should now be properly colored when clicking the Randomize buttons.
  • Errors being produced when hovering a Custom Marker on the map.
  • Map markers will now only be shown if you have the map for that region. Essentially your map won't be filled with "?" when starting a new game.
  • The icon for Alchemy Base was the wrong color.
  • Updated every map marker to the correct "type" to show the correct icon.
  • Updated every map marker to show a proper name (areas in Aslary would be called Frostlands for example).
  • The region you're currently hovering while in the map screen is now updated when the reticule enters the region and not when you hover a marker.
  • Player location is now shown on the world map after character creation before leaving the house.
  • Player ship should now be positioned correctly on the map if docked at the Kugrom Port.
  • Errors when trying to apply a new sail design in the sail customizer.


  • Wrong cursor being displayed after selecting and then un-selecting Fire Strike.
  • Wrong descriptions of teleportation spells.


  • Sometimes being unable to walk after talking to Commander Zarav the first time.
  • Several fixes to "Journey to Blackrock".
  • Error if Talek leaves the party during the Stedows Manor quest.


  • Replaced some more legacy ingredient pickups.
  • Enemies that shout for help should no longer react to their own shouting.
  • Some performance improvements to Fiks.


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