Patch 0.3.6

Known Issues

  • The buttons to sort the item list have been temporarily disabled due to them crashing the game under certain circumstances. Functionality will be restored once I figure out how to fix it.
  • There can be some tiles in the Uspya region that are half black and/or broken.
  • Some sprites may be misaligned.
  • If you've killed NPCs, they might be alive again due to a change to how killed NPCs are saved/loaded. W/A: create a new character or kill them again.

Important new features

Shields and Blocking

This update includes a new feature to the combat system, shield blocking. Blocking removes all damage from an incoming attack, as long as you're facing the direction of the attack.

When you successfully block an attack, you lose Defense Points. Once you've ran out of these, blocking no longer works. It automatically recharges while not blocking, and can be increased either with the Defense statistic or equipping bigger or higher quality shields.

Horse Carriages

Outside every capital city there's now a horse carriage service, which will take you to any other capital city on the mainland for a price. Look out for the horseshoe sign to find them.



  • Beds for rent at the inn outside of Nagana.
  • Horse carriages outside capitals on the mainland that can take you to other capital cities for a fee.
  • Mystery Boxes can now be purchased in the Blackrock Lottery.
  • Wheel of fortune to the Blackrock Lottery. Bet a sum of money and possibly earn up to 5x your bet.
  • Wizard Tower to Aslary region.
  • The Portalarium which is accessible from every Wizard Tower and allows fast teleportation between them. Requires completion of the initiation questline in the Uspya Tower.
  • New puzzle in the Sedresh region.


  • Small intro sequence to Sedresh region after leaving your house for the first time to give the player some direction on what to do next.


  • Blocking using shields! The default key is Right Click on the mouse. Weapons and magic can't be used while blocking.
  • Archery is now possible to train! Making pincushions out of your enemies is now a viable option, as higher skill results in more accurate shots.

Gameplay Stats

  • Money Spent Gambling.
  • Money Won Gambling.
  • Arrows shot.


  • Some new weapons.
  • Mouth covering masks in various colors.


  • Salt mining activity to the Sedresh salt mines.



  • Updated several tree sprites and added some new ones.


  • Some terrain changes all over the world.


  • Some stat tweaking.


  • Increased rate that your character runs out of breath while underwater.
  • Changed error font to Arial and reduced the text size.
  • Changed primary font as the old one was rendering incorrectly at times.



  • Keybindings for Character Screen and Journal should now work as intended.


  • Error when entering the Greenvale Cave.
  • Error when entering maps that have mailboxes in them.
  • Some small lakes in Sedresh that didn't have audio.
  • Some trees would not change their sprite when chopped down.
  • Crash when choosing a dialog option while talking to Sam.
  • Traveling merchants replying with "0" when asking about where they're going. Now they give a proper answer.


  • Blood would not spray onto some wall tiles.


  • Having a custom marker with the display name of a location would break the map screen, preventing the menu bar from being shown.
  • HP and Mana text not always displaying properly.
  • Inconsistencies between some NPC health bars, talking text and damage numbers on their assigned interfaces.
  • Some bars like HP and loading should now align properly with its border while in 1920x1080 fullscreen.
  • Current amount of arrows not being displayed on the HUD.


  • Wrong ambient audio in Blackrock.
  • Several locations where ambient audio and/or music would not be set at all.


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