Patch notes - beta 0.1.6

It's been a while since the last update. I've been having vacation from work, and focused on making a larger patch than usual, to give myself time to wrap up some questlines, test more thoroughly and make more assets.

There's quite a lot of fixes this week, most of them relatively minor but also some game breaking ones. One of the few times where the Fixed section is bigger than the Added section, so that's something! This patch also introduces some new quests, changes to current quests (not too major, but it might break the questline at the South Outpost if you've already started that one.

Another thing new this time is the introduction of a Tales of Astya forum, right here on itch! Sure, forums are kind of outdated, but I still figured I'd make one just in case. It'll help a lot on documenting changes, getting reports and talking to the members of the community. Join the conversation by clicking here!


  • Item graphics in interfaces and on the ground are now pixel perfect instead of blurred.
  • Quest state checks would sometimes not register properly, making it impossible to complete or continue quests.
  • Quest state was not updated properly when starting quests.
  • Lockpicking minigame, again. Now it's also not possible to start it if you don't have any lockpicks in your inventory.
  • Shop interface closing when forced to leave a shop when it closes for the night.
  • Errors in Midforest when transitioning from day to night.
  • Error messages when touching the edge of a map.
  • Size of Arena overworld map, it was 4 tiles thinner than all other maps.
  • Corrected roads that were unaligned in some maps.
  • Time now advances properly when going between all overworld maps.
  • More NPC's with new dialog boxes.
    • Replaced on every NPC in South Outpost.
    • Replaced on every NPC in Wizard Tower.
  • Error messages when killing certain NPC's.
  • Wizard Tower membership initial questline is now complete!
  • Quests would sometimes not update to the correct state.
  • Various tyopos.
  • Connected a house in Midforest to the correct interior map, was previously not connected.
  • Broken shop at Janets Farm.
  • Health and mana are properly set when creating a new character based on Endurance and Wisdom stat choices. These will probably be balanced better in future patches.


  • Banners near the borders of regions can now be interacted with to tell you which region they belong to.
  • Large variety of new tile sets, walls textures and others to greatly increase the variation in art. Let me know in the comment section what you think of these :) General layouts haven't changed much, its primarily the textures for each map.
  • New quest near Wizard Tower.
  • New quests and change of quest order at South Outpost.
  • It's now relatively safe to travel to the Cafror region, as all maps are connected. Still not much there in terms of content or actual map design done, except for the city of Fiks, which has been the primary map I've worked on in the region so far.
  • New lore books and recipes.
  • Signs on buildings, such as inns or a blacksmith, are now readable to give more clarity.
  • Forum to page.
  • Descriptions to all home regions in the character creator.
  • Outlines to action icons (the small icons that show up near doors, talking etc) to make them more visible in all lighting conditions.


  • Redesigned barber shop interface.
  • Background generator professions for parents, education and aspiration.
    • Tuned items/stats/abilities received for some options.

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Great stuff man!!

Thanks Vox <3