Patch notes - v 0.2

Because of some big changes you are recommended to create a new character with this version.



  • Museum side activity that lets you go treasure hunting for neat rewards.
  • Museum artifact displaying. Interact with one of the exhibitions to enter a 3D viewing mode of the artifact.
  • Bunch of new notes to Notice Boards.
  • Signs on village entrances with the village name on it. These are invisible when playing in Hardcore mode.
  • New quests and areas to the Sedresh region.
  • Time of Day lighting updates to the Sedresh region.
  • New container system that allows you to choose which items to pick up.
  • Enemies now drop loot bags with their items, instead of dropping all the items directly on the ground.
  • Fists as a default melee weapon when you have nothing else equipped.
  • Made some enemy NPCs not attack you if dressing up as their faction. Will be expanded upon in the future.
  • Instead of loading your last save, dying now sends you back to your home instead. You can change your spawning location at inns or taverns by renting a bed or buying a drink. After dying, you must wait 24 hours in game before you can use that spawn location again.
    • You can still load the game if you wish. 


  • New screen for viewing Museum Artifacts.
  • Location markers for Sedresh region to World Map in the menu.
  • Added checkbox to Options menu to always spawn at home, even if you have set a spawn point.
  • Added Gameplay Statistics to Journal top bar. Click it to view various gameplay statistics such as potions made or people killed, among many other. 


  • Dialog to the cobbler in Midforest.
  • Traders now have the correct faction applied to them that adjusts pricing.



  • Added more detail to most cities and villages.
  • Improved rumor and work tip systems for Innkeepers.
  • Opened travel to Usmor using the narrow passageway behind the Shrine of Stars.
  • Replaced every single container/item holder in the game with new items and new loot system.
  • You now start the game in different locations based on your home region.
    • Your starting home has a bed with the highest healing bonuses in the game and a place for you to place a piece furniture of your choice (after buying one).
  • Wudryia now has its own unique day and night lighting setup.
  • The Arena now has working ranked and skirmish modes and scoreboard that you can read to see your next opponents.


  • Added double click to unequip an item from a slot in the Character/Party Screen.
  • Layout change to Equipment sub-screen.


  • Fixed Stonehaven gate guards to use new dialog system.


  • Enemies now drop loot bags instead of all their items when killed.
    • Simply go up to the bag on the ground and interact with it to see all the items that your enemy held. Much better than picking up all the items. No more picking up items you don't want!
  • Interface colors have been changed to a bit more darker theme.



  • Traders would receive 999 gold when  buying an item, regardless of the items price.
  • Item sell and buy price should now be calculated properly.
  • Wrong positioning when entering the secret waterfall cave.
  • More NPCs enter their homes at night, also locking the door.
  • Wrong positioning when entering the Furniture Store in Stonehaven.
  • All map edges should now be 100% fixed and stuck free.
  • Some maps in Uspya where time would not advance when traveling between them.
  • Errors occuring when entering the Stonehaven Sewers.
  • Could not go to the lower levels of Stonehaven Jail.
  • Renamed the guy inside the Astronomer House from "Follower 1" to "Anzor".
  • Added environmental water sounds to various maps.
  • Secret Stonehaven entrance now works as intended.
  • Entrance to cave south of Greenvale is now enterable.
  • Error occuring when traveling to Fort Valiant from the bottom most map in Uspya.
  • Lots of areas were missing ambient sound effects such as water, fire and wind. 
  • Most of the world map would not have correct lighting applied making everything black during most hours of the day.
  • Some tiles that would be empty but still have collision on them.
  • Some more NPCs using old dialog system.


  • Third quest in South Outpost quest-line missing Title and Description, now properly named Signals in the Dark.
  • Sign blocking an entrance during the North Outpost questline.
  • The stove in "Bacallao Cooking" was unusable even though the player was tasked to use it. Quest can now be completed.


  • Some item description tsyops.
  • Hand becoming black on the last attack frame if wearing plate chests.



  • Loading tips should no longer show more than one time per session, unless all have been seen or you load a saved game. Doing this clears the list of shown tips.
  • No fading in after traveling by ship, causing the screen to be black.
  • Help and Close buttons to several interfaces.
  • Various errors on the  Character/Party screen.
  • Some small performance improvements to some interfaces.
  • General fixes on pause menu screens.
  • Discord server link in main menu did not highlight properly.



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Jan 03, 2019

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