The new starting experience

From version 0.2 going forward whichever region you choose as your home region in the character creator will be where you actually spawn. The table below explains the different locations.


Some of these towns you may know from just exploring in general. I would recommend you to visit them again, as many of them have received substantial visual upgrades.

New Lundar design
Each of the homes come with the highest quality beds in the game and one slot to put custom furniture in. Furniture can be bought either in Stonehaven or Blackrock(from next version). The blue chair in the screenshot below marks a place you can put furniture.

The home in Riverwatch

Starting on either Ceth or Wuryia will let you ride for free with a boat back to the mainland, mostly because of lack of content in those areas. 

New Southpoint design

NPC's in your hometown will also react differently when talking to them instead of asking "who are you" and so on. You will also start at rank 3/5 with your hometown. Ranks within a faction/town now also properly affects the pricing of items in shops and in some cases can change how side-quests pan out. 

Version 0.2.0 should hopefully be out soon! Until then, take care and enjoy the holidays!

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