Patch 0.3

Alpha 0.3 is finally available, and brings with it a huge list of changes, additions and bug fixes. This is also the patch where the game's name is changed to Wanderboots. Due to this old save games will not be found, but this can be fixed by moving the save file from the Tales of Astya folder to Wanderboots folder after running the game at least once first. Old save files are found in in Documents/001/Games/Tales of Astya.

This version is trying out something new, where you can download the game without having to install the game. In order to make the game work, you have to run the redist001.exe executable in the folder to install the required libraries (DX8VB.DLL). This only has to be done once. If you get an error message when starting the game,

I hope you enjoy this new version! As always, if you find bugs it's greatly appreciated if you post them either on the Discord server or in the bug reporting forum here on itch. So without further ado, here's the patch notes for 0.3;

Known issues

  • Inventory screen has a slight delay showing the item list when the interface is opened.
  • Bumper buttons on gamepad to navigate categories can sometimes activate the wrong buttons.



  • Seagulls near the ocean.
  • Sail customizer. You can now edit the pattern, emblem and the colors of these elements on your ship. Talk to a tailor to begin.
  • Farmers will react if you steal what they’re growing, eventually reporting you to the guards.
  • Interactivity to sinks and wells to drink water or fill containers such as buckets.
  • Lots of new NPCs.
  • New ship purchasing interface. Now you can choose between a selection of ships, instead of just one preset one.
  • New animations to trees, bushes, grass and other natural objects.
  • Grinder to the mill in Uspya. Put some wheat in it to create flour. More mills are coming later.
  • Particles on feet when walking on sand and snow.
  • Library to the Wizards Tower in Uspya. You can go there to learn new spells.
  • Interior to all houses in Southpoint, Wrecolt Port, Mudplank, Blackrock and Querden.

Items & Magic

New spells

  • Water Spray. Shoots a constant stream of water the direction you’re aiming.
  • Fire Blast. Launches three missiles that tries to home in on enemies.


  • Shopping cart when trading. This makes it easier to buy or sell multiple items at the same time.
  • Breath meter if you walk deep into some water. Get your head above the water level to regain breath.
  • Toggle Interface Sounds on or off setting to the Audio options.
  • Gameplay statistics to the Journal screen, letting you see various stats about your character. More things coming to this in the future!


  • Several miniquests and activities.
  • New Museum Artifact somewhere in Aslary. Happy hunting!
  • Too Many Cooks quest. Talk to the chef in Stonehaven Castle to begin.



  • 5 new ingredients to gather.


  • 10 new dishes.
  • 10 new ingredients


  • New smithing minigame.
  • Firesteel and Mithril bars.
  • Moulds for rings, necklaces and lockpicks.
  • Secret forge to smelt firesteel bars in.


  • Tin Ore
  • Copper Ore
  • Coal
  • Mithril Ore



  • New color palette for Cafror region.
  • Texture improvements for terrain in Aslary.
  • Many buildings have new wall textures.
  • Shadows should now stop rendering when going inside caves, houses and so on.
  • Various polish to villages and dungeons.
  • Various lighting passes.
  • Visual rework of map while sailing. The map is now slightly bigger and no longer blocky, instead using a similar map graphic to the one in the Map screen.
  • Completely re-designed Fort Valiant in Uspya.
  • Outhouses now have location-appropriate wood coloring.


  • Complete interface rework to make it scale better with other resolutions, new icons and some layout changes.
    • The pause menus have been redesigned to be full screen instead of a window in the middle of the screen. This has led to some changes in their design, but it should remain familiar.
  • Items picked up now show as small text next to the player instead of using the Message Log system. This should make the game way less annoying if you pick up a lot of items. The text disappears after one second.
  • Updated world map visuals and location positions.
  • Pressing TAB (or the key bound to open Inventory) will now open and close the current menu.


  • Enemies should now drink health potions if their health goes below a certain threshold.
  • Enemies should switch to a ranged weapon if they have one in their inventory and the player is far away from him.

Items & Magic

  • Most item icons have been completely re-drawn in higher resolution.
  • More tweaks to weapon use speed.
  • Item price adjustments.



  • Invisible wall in Stonehaven behind Lewis' house.
  • Not being able to enter the Arena Skirmish even if you have your fists or a wooden sword equipped.
  • Players should no longer get stuck if they fall down behind the trees from the small cliff in Greenvale.
  • Collision boxes from the tents by Pierre, even if they're not there.
  • Traveling between Riverwatch and the Lighthouse would fade in the screen twice.
  • Spam mail should now be properly sent to the player.
  • The bed in The Limping Ox can now be rented and won't show errors any more when you interact with it.
  • Blacksmith in Valvinas wouldn't speak to the player.
  • Door inside of Henry's House could not be opened.
  • Wrong positioning when entering the Fiks Blacksmith.
  • Not being able to buy a drink in Fiks at certain drunkenness-levels.
  • Couldn't buy drinks or rent beds at The Wild Gull in Nagana.
  • Several maps in Aslary that didn’t play music or ambient effects.
  • Player getting stuck when entering the Wrecolt Port general store.
  • Error when entering player home in Lundar.
  • Replaced a lot of legacy tiles and placed new ground tiles where some were missing around the Uspya region.
  • Several locations where the player could get stuck.
  • Some doors in Nagana that could be opened through walls.
  • Door frames and other holes in geometry should now properly cast shadows.
  • Ship position being properly set when purchasing a ship.
  • Several maps in Uspya where the music would play at Master volume and not Music volume.


  • Getting stuck when climbing up the ladder from the Stedows Manor cellar.


  • Buying and Selling toggle buttons while trading not being highlighted when selecting.
  • Sell toggle button having the wrong colors, even if selectable.
  • Error when trying to sell multiple items to a merchant.
  • Pressing Escape in Main Menu can now be used to exit the game.
  • Using the I’m Stuck button in the Help screen should now always allow the player to move after using.
  • Actor dialog text not disappearing instantly if the actor is killed while speaking.
  • Improvements to using a gamepad for navigating interfaces.
  • Character spacing in some fonts.
  • Completed quests showing up in quest journal.
  • "Wanted Complete", "Lewis Books" and "0" incorrectly showing up in quest journal.
  • Removed accidental bracket from unread book notification.

Items & Magic

  • Some items that would be lost when used.
  • Steel Bastard Sword couldn't be used.
  • Player should now receive a map of their home region when finishing creating a character.
  • Error if attacking an enemy wearing no chest armor with magic.
  • Mana potions restoring HP instead of mana.
  • Picking up vegetables should no longer reward Herblore experience.


  • Quests where people join and leave your party should no longer break when they leave the party.
  • Merged three separate maps for a Museum Artifact into one big map.


  • Some collision box changes.
  • Various graphic artifacts on tiles.
  • Camera view not scaling properly when changing window resolution at runtime (Windowed mode)
  • Game should now load a lot faster thanks to updates to the engine.
  • Gamepad detection should now be less prone to errors.
  • Player should no longer walk left-up if game window loses focus.
  • Error if loading a game that was saved during midnight in-game, making the game almost unplayable.
  • Game freezing when starting it for the first time.
  • Some tuypos.

EDIT: Added known issues

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