Patch 0.3.1



  • New islands to visit with your ship. These can be found either by having a high Cartography skill, a Navigator in your crew or by purchasing/finding naval charts that show their location.
  • Some items that you can attempt to steal from NPC homes. Chance of success is based off of your Dexterity skill.


  • Wudryia Starting Quest, the first (complete) of its kind. The plan is for each of the regions to have a small starter quest to get you used to how the game works.


  • Ability to change the paintjob of your ship. Required ship paint which can be crafted at Greg's Paint shop in Stonehaven.

Gameplay Stats

These new things are now tracked during gameplay. You can check your stats from the Journal interface.

  • Spells learned
  • Weapons Made
  • Armor Made
  • Melee Misses
  • Islands Discovered



  • Re-designed the character creator. It's now full screen and should feel much better in general to use.
  • Re-designed the ship customizer. It's now much easier to add new equipment, paint jobs and weapons to it. Talk with a manager in a Shipyard to get started.
  • Changed the sprite that plays when an attack misses. The text "Miss" now shows above your or the enemy's head instead.
  • Damage dealt is now displayed next to an enemy's health bar.
  • Made log textbox a little bit wider to fit more text.


  • Made it more clear which direction the wind is blowing while sailing by adding new particle effects.
  • Some collision volume changes near land.



  • Various missing tiles around the world.
  • Autotiles near ocean collision and graphics. The old ones caused some issues with the footstep sound code, since technically the player would be walking on the ocean and not the ground. There's also new, simpler collision volumes for the ocean tiles.
  • Wall tiles inside houses are now mostly made from thin walls, instead of big full tiles taking up all the space. Looks and feels much better this way.
  • Old walls
    New walls
  • Chimney smoke particle effects being misaligned with some chimneys.


  • Being able to buy items even if you don't have enough money to pay, leading to a negative amount of money.
  • Smelting ores into bars now works as intended.
  • Not being able to choose Usmor as a home region unless it was chosen for you during character randomizing.


  • Missing music and ambient sounds on Wudryia.


  • Shipwright dialog not continuing until "Ahoy!" Achievement notification went away.

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